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. they are working to try to get that service restored but in some cases they are hampered by the investigation that has been going on this afternoon. they are telling us what they are doing to restore service. >> a lot will depend on our ability to get into the site of the accident and see if we can do all the necessary work there. >> what would that be? >> completeness necessary completely ntsb allowing us to get there. we don't know why our gas plane
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ruptured. >> and ntsb will figure that out? >> absolutely. they have a sent bented -- assembled a terrific team and they will get to the root cause >> reporter: they could not answer a whole lot of other questions because at this point it is not their domain. they are limited in what pg e.e.can say to the public. they say they know who those people are but for some reason, your utilities are not on and you feel they don't know about it, you are advised to give them a call. four people were filled, a mother and her teenage daughter along with a 20-year-old female and another as yet identified victim. police kept people out most of the day a small crew was allowed to shoot this video and it shows how destructiontive the flames -- destructiontive
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the -- destructive the flames were. they are testing for hazardous material and that's one reason people are not allowed back in their homes even if their homes were not destroyed. >> we are working hard on the re-entry plan and that's the priority for this next operational period. we've got to identify the has house -- has douse material -- as douse material zones. we also had sewerage problems so we have to make sure this area is safe. >> and these videos show how massive the gas line explosion was as firefighters tried to keep it from spreading. those caught near the explosion said it put off an enormous amount of heat. here is that response. >> reporter: the ground started
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to boil and flames started to come out 10 to 50 feet in the air. it looked like something was coming out of the ground and the next thing i knew there was a huge explosion. >> boom, when i opened the door there was this big flame. >> heat just -- it was unbelievable. >> reporter: the blinds were melting and roofs were catching on fire. >> i just grabbed my keys and ran for the front door. >> we just took off running. >> it was like a 9/11 scene. >> they said we want everybody to evacuate immediately.$♪>> there was a house in front of me that was completely on fire. there were several cars on fire. the fires were spreading from home to home. terrible tragedies have fallen on our cities. >> she met with evacuees and is
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among those seeking federal and state aid to help the victims. other state leaders are calling for a public hearing to find out who is at fault for the explosion. 37 homes were destroyed. tonight some people who lived in the neighborhood were allowed to see if their homes were still standing. reggie is there to explain why some others were not. reggie? >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see officers have barricaded this portion of the intersection. this is where evacuees have been trying to get access to their homes. they were asking evacuees to go to the shopping center to get a green pass first and then they would be allowed access into their neighborhoods. somebody was caught making copies of those green pass and that is why they stopped escorting people to their homes. you can see earlier today these
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evacuees were lined up where police were escorting one resident as a time to collect belongings and medication. all of theseee swag wise -- evacuees were hoping they would be chosen. jerome was one of them who needed to get his daughter's medication but was turned away. this man was also denied access to his home. first we will hear from jerome diaz. >> i am trying to get some medication for my daughter and grab a few things, nothing too big. >> how on are important is this -- how important is this medication for your daughter? >> it is very important, i have to have it. >> it is important to get clothes and stuff for my kids, they wouldn't let us. >> what was the reason? >> because they have not set up a par i am terrible around the -- par recommend terrible
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around the -- perimeter around the disaster area. >> meanwhile, back out here live as far as evacuees authority do not know if they will continue to escort them into their neighborhoods starting tomorrow. reggie kron4 news. kate thompson spoke with a family who helped to save one man but they were unable to help his girlfriend. >> i looked out down the side of my house and that is when i saw the big ball of flame. i called my wife and she said there was no phone service and i snatched my daughter and said we have to fun for our lives. that is when the poor kid walked up to us.
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he had severe burns to his body, the poor kid and he watched his girlfriend perish in front of him and it was the saddest thing for everybody. he was just asking for people to pray for him and he told us, my girlfriend, i watched her get burned up right in front of me and i couldn't help her, the poor kid was just in shock. >> joe ended up in the front yard and we couldn't call for help and we could tell he had third-degree burns and he was going to shock and we drove him to the hospital. i didn't think he had time to wait for emergency people to get there. he was dying. he kept going on how he saw his girlfriend die, she is dead i saw her burn and when i went back and took him to the hospital i saw a young lady and young girl running through the neighborhood and it was his mother and i had to tell her what happened to him and she just collapsed right in front
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of me. she couldn't even stand up. she kept asking about the girlfriend and i didn't want to say anything because it was hard enough that she had to hear what happened to her son but he is in bad shape, bad shape. >> reporter: churches in the area are opening their doors. one family is sleeping at this church, other families are rounding up donations. you can find out how to donate at kron4 -- we will be right back.
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[ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. . you are looking at a live picture where police are manning the burned zone. one person did manage to get pictures of the area and here are some amazing pictures that show the damage. >> these pictures are giving us an inside look at the damage sustained in the neighborhood.
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this right here the home just completely destroyed. you can see a few lines of bricks in the front but other than that, rubble decimated by the fire. we have a picture of the crater looking up glenn view, you can see the sewerage water running down the streets. you can see the tires of the cars are melted, the bodies of the car are left on the street and by standers looking at the damage. this is a hole in somebody's roof and when the gas line exploded, chunks of concrete went flying into the air, was that put the hole in a person's roof broke through the person's floor board right there. i am kimberly, kron4 news. he talked to one man who
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ran to safety as the flames started burning the backside of his home. >> you can see that police tape and standing on the intersection of bruno avenue, the explosion happened a quarter of a mile that way. many people came here to beg police officers to let them go see their homes but it is a crime scene and officers have no choice but to turn those evacuees away. this man said his house suffered damage which is on glenn view drive and his house is a block away from the gas explosion. he saw what is left of the house on television. >> most of the damage is in back of the house. his two trucks are destroyed and he is having a hard time dealing with this. he and his wife worked for
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years to save up enough money to buy their house. >> trying to get things you like and everything just goes up in smoke all of a sudden, it is not an easy thing. >> he is thankful his family is alive, he grabbed his two-year- old daughter and his wife with the fire burning right behind them. he knows they are very lucky. you can bet a lot of homeowners are trying to do the same. in san bruno, kron4 news. arnold schwarzenegger is in china to promote trade but maria shliver visited to talk with evacuees. we will be back after these messages.
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california has rallied around the san bruno neighborhood devastated by this explosion. a look at how some people are pitching in to help out. >> people are helping, petco, the store here in the area stayed open all night long and threw open its ken unless. they are ready to be claimed by their owners and these six dogs, also 2 cats and one very lonely bird, but petco is taking very good care of them and what is more the company has offered to provide food to those in need and they are inquire by way of the petco foundation. i am told the company's goodwill has inspired others to follow suit. they have received help from others offering to provide food and shelter for pets.
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the donations are pooing in -- pouring in, people are walking in off the streets donating things they found in their basement, people are donating food and supplies and many of the evacuees have already come into the recreation center and got what they needed, food toilet paper diapers, many people having to leave their homes in an instant so they are here trying to collect everything they need early this morning. reporting in san bruno, kron4 news. >> there are some amazing pictures captured of this disaster. this shot was talk end by an associated press photographer and it shows the direction of flames were heading. it shows, both still shots and video. here is more. >> reporter: i found these pictures on a los angeles times
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website. what you are looking at, they used google -- google map showing what the neighborhood looked like before the explosion and on the left-hand side when you roll over the screen, take a look at this, no more homes right in the middle of your screen, just completely flattened. to have a better look, we will look at viewer pictures, this one sent in from a viewer, he was in a chopper earlier this afternoon. he brings us a closer look at devastation. these homes are completely flattened. the next thing i have shows the ring of homes still intact surrounding the cluster of homes affected by the fire. i am kimberly, kron4 news. lots of sunshine so some nice weather with beautiful temperatures as well. look for the same on sunday as
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we go into next week and not much in the way of any sort of active weather, typical morning fog, highest tomorrow into the 70s for san francisco in oakland will be in the 80s for the south bay and north bay, mid-to-upper 80s, fairfield and here is around the bay. again the weekend looks great, a little bit of fog in the morning that will clear by saturday and sunday by 8:00 in the morning. stronger sea breeze and that will result in cooler temperatures. meals are being served for's vac wise. schools will resume on monday and we will be back to wrap up next on kron4 news.
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. this crater is the epicenter of the explosion. you can see crews inspecting the site and they need to make sure it is safe as well as power and utilities. reggie wraps upton's coverage -- wraps up tonight's coverage. >> reporter: he says he is really upset because he was near the location where the explosion happened and he was forced out of his home and others will not allow him back to his home but authorities tell us it is too dangerous for him to go back. you can see the area and they will continue to be out throughout the night and at this point it is not known when residents will be allowed back in to their homes. more on the explosion and
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recovery, we have video and response from authorities on how you can help. kron4 news, we will have complete updated details at 7:00. good night everybody. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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